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by Ottfried Preußler

A co-production by Showcase Beat le Mot and the Theater an der Parkaue Berlin and the Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf. Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds (2007).

"Someone at the Theater an der Parkaue had the absolutely absurd and therefore even more terrific idea to instruct the perfromance group Showcase Beat le Mot - these four friendly people - with the snuff piece."
(Berliner Zeitung - free translation mg)

"The crowd bawls, adults hold their breath. " (Tagesspiegel - free translation mg)

He owns seven knifes, snuffs, drinks and robs the singing coffee mill of grandmother. Seven knifes and a pistol belong to his equipment - and as the clever robber of the children´s book story he is finally back on stage: Ragga Hotzenplotz! Teeth are chattering, gun powder is going out of control and the smell of self-made hotdogs is filling the room while the magician Petrosilius Zwackelmann and Robber Hotzenplotz are keeping Kasperl and Seppel in their hide-outs. Showcase Beat le Mot invites for a dance with the robber: fad ragga-rhythms and fad magic show us a world as the only alternative of ours.

At the Festival "Impulse" the production "The Robber Hotzenplotz" was awarded with the Goethe-Institute Price. The Jury´s statement: Showcase Beat le Mot was successfull in telling the well-known children´s book classic in a very new way. Charming and through the use of all legal and half-legal instruments of theater as illusion, desillusion, magic, irony, dance and singing they reconstructed together with their young accomplices in the audience the story of the coffee mill robbing Hotzenplotz. They take children serious without chumming up with them. And they get rid of all clichés, that the kids may had in mind out from cassette and movie.

2009 the production was invited to the kids- and youth-theater meeting "Augenblick mal!" in Berlin and is therefore - so the jury - one of the best five productions of the last two years.

By and with Showcase Beat le Mot
Music by Miguel Ayala
Concept magic: Manuel Muerte
Production Manager: Olaf Nachtwey
Copyrights: Verlag für Kindertheater, Uwe Weitendorf GmbH