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Showcase Beat Le Mot

PREMIERE 7.10.2010 // HAU1 BERLIN //

"Paris 1871 Bonjour Commune" is a production by Showcase Beat Le Mot in co-production with Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Steirischer Herbst Graz and Kampnagel Hamburg.

Funded by the governing mayor of Berlin - Senatskanzlei - cultural affairs and the Hansestadt Hamburg - Bureau for culture, sport and media.

The revolution is a picture-machine. Since the end of the 18th century, the use of large paintings of battle scenes and landscape pictures has been replaced by representations of historical moments, which arrange the warlike and put these short moments of anarchy in a form. Fateful necessity is the message. Certain events meld together with their case history and their effects and become a metaphor, which is able to pathetically inflate political and social constraints. These images of important and all-deciding moments of comic-culture and documentary photography continue until present times.

"Paris 1871 Bonjour Commune" is the third part of a quadrology, which deals with failed revolutions. The revolt and the conquering of Paris in the year 1871 is becoming a representation, that also failed like the referring revolution. It only prevails in the pictures, that were constructed provisionally to give the riven bodies and destroyed visions and forgotten destinies a sense.

The Berliner performance-group Showcase Beat Le Mot, which in clear dissociation from the structures of the citie´s theatres way of working, more likely compares itself with a band and chances to deal in the usual anarchical briskness with an aware pathetic act of creation, in which the grey of chaotic days is being divided in nump light and noiseful darkness.

Performance, Text, Space, Costume, Choreography:

Showcase Beat Le Mot

Music: Miguel Ayala, Einzelkind

Production Management: Olaf Nachtwey