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Showcase Beat Le Mot

What do have a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster in common? They are animals for production. And what happens to animals for production, that make no use for humans anymore? They end up in a pan or being sold. But the donkey of all prooves his cleverness in this story: "Anywhere you´ll find something better then the death!" and he runs away. Thats how the fairy tale of "The Bremen Town Musicians" begins, the probably most beautiful story that ever got told by the collective of the infirm.

Its a story about the aged. About the gradual degenreation and the demands of a fitness-society. About homelessness, adventure and about the urge of taking destiny into one own´s hands. It´s the story of four losers, that unvailingly try to establish a band and become famous with their music.

"The Bremen Town Musicians" dramaturgically follow the structure of road-movies. First of all the distance that gets covered together is essential. On that way one group member by the other arrives with his very own story of life and affliction. On the way the donkey meets the dog, these two the cat and in a threesome the rooster. At dead of night they come to a house, where a bunch of thieves stay. This house the four animals take over with artfulness and occupy it. For now, they have food and a warm place. But how does it go on, when the bucks are empty and all supplies are used?

"The Bremen Town Musicians" is a production of the Theater an der Parkaue - state theatre for children and young people in Berlin - and Showcase Beat le Mot in co-production with the Schauspiel Frankfurt and dschungel Vienna - theater for young people. Supported by Capital Cultural Fonds.

Direction, Performance, Stage, Costume: Showcase Beat le Mot

Music: Andreas Dorau

Choreography: Minako Seki, Showcase Beat le Mot

Constructions: Atia Trofimoff, Christian Wenzel

Production Management: Olaf Nachtwey